157 Saturday Night Murder Mystery Dinner Party: The Chicago Caper

Food, Wine, and Entertaining

Special Note: Time of Class is 6:30-9:30PM. This class is designed for a group of 8 for a flat fee of $400.00. CONTACT Dan Pellegrino at 213-0923 to reserve. Hey, all Greasers, Pink Ladies, Daddy-Os: What’s Buzzin, Cussin, what’s cookin’, good-lookin? Get your mystery solving self and seven of your most hip, fun friends together to solve the mystery, discover the murderer, and prove yourself innocent of the crime. You will assume the role of one of eight worldly characters and fellow classmate who have received an invitation to a special party as the guest of Rock N. Roley, famous rock star and classmate from Roley High School, Class of ’54. Once you enter the malt shop with your friends and former classmates for a private party after the Rock Concert, the suspense and intrigue will begin! All you need is a sense of humor and a light-hearted attitude toward blackmail, deceit, larceny, and murder! This evening will be so much fun, it’s almost criminal!! “A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-wop-bam-boom!” Class limit: 8

Presented by :
Ronald & Barbara Bonheur

Name:157 Saturday Night Murder Mystery Dinner Party: The Chicago Caper Price:$ 35 Supply Fee:$ 365 Date:Saturday, Feb 03, 2018 Time:06:30 PM
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