Rich Chick - The Savvy Way to Financial Success

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Margaret Wittkopp has 25 years of experience in the investment industry and will share her knowledge to help you build a life of abundance.This class brings a feminine flare to a typically male dominated subject matter but one that is essential for everyone to understand. Male or female will enjoy learning about the pitfalls of the investment industry and how to avoid them. We will cover things like the cost of investing, what does diversification really look like and how to protect yourself from the "sales" pitch, and prudently use the market to your advantage to grow wealth and well being for you and your family! Participants will receive the "Rich Chick" book by Michelle Maston and will take home other guidelines to help streamline your personal journey with money.

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Margaret Wittkopp Certified Financial Educator

Name:Rich Chick - The Savvy Way to Financial Success Price:$ 35 Supply Fee:$ 0 Date:Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018 Time:07:00 PM
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