Vegan Appeteasers - Appetizers Reinvented!

Food, Wine, and Entertaining

Going to parties today involves a lot of thought about food allergies, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle choices! It's so hard now if you don't know who might have a peanut allergy, have Celiac Disease, or is gluten-free or vegan. Spice things up with our pop-up event with Norfolk neighbor Christian Joyner, a local Physician Assistant and a vegan who adds excitement and deliciousness to vegan dishes! Learn recipes for appetizers that will thrill at any event: tailgate, block party, pot luck, or holiday gathering. Make vegan appetizers that you can take home with you and recreate whenever you want. We promise your friends and family will be asking you for recipes - and might even be surprised to learn some of these dishes are vegan!

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Christian Joyner

Name:Vegan Appeteasers - Appetizers Reinvented! Price:$ 35 Supply Fee:$ 5 Date:Tuesday, Mar 05, 2019 Time:07:00 PM
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