128 Toxic Free Living with Essential Oils

Health and Wellness

Curious?? Are you interested in learning more about essential oils and what you can use them for? Besides smelling amazing, they have so many uses that can transform your home! Do you know that the average person applies 300 chemicals to their body every single day, and 80 of those are before breakfast? Most are from 4 things that we use every day- soap, makeup, shampoo, and hair care. The biggest pollutants in our homes are from fabric softeners, dryer sheets, plug in air fresheners, and candles. Essential oils are a healthier, better way! Come learn about how to incorporate them into your life in simple ways! Join us for a fun class as we walk you through easy, affordable ways to use the best essential oils on the planet!

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Leigh Leffler Independent Distributor

Name:128 Toxic Free Living with Essential Oils Price:$ 35 Supply Fee:$ 0 Date:Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 Time:07:00 PM
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