124 H.I.I.T. Circuits: Group Circuit Training

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Fit36 is a high intensity interval training studio located here in Ghent. The latest in technology and science based programming will help you achieve your fitness goals at any level! The classes are 36 minutes long with 12 stations in each workout and completely monitored by trainers. You will work at each station for 1 minute and rest for 30 seconds in between stations. The class goes through all 12 stations twice all while listening to awesome, motivating music. Everyone in the class wears a heart rate monitor so the trainers can track their caloric expenditure (because guess what…..you will burn a lot of calories…..anywhere from 300-700 calories in just 36 minutes) and the percentage of maximum heart rate. The trainers demonstrate every movement at the beginning of the class so everyone knows what to do! Wear athletic clothing and athletic shoes and bring a water bottle and a small towel!

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Fit36 Fitness Group circuit training

Name:124 H.I.I.T. Circuits: Group Circuit Training Price:$ 35 Supply Fee:$ 0 Date:Saturday, Feb 11, 2017 Time:11:00 AM
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