138 Feldman Chamber Music Society Presents Chamber Music 101

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When three or four are gathered in the name of music... Chamber music can be far more intimate and personal than a concert by a big orchestra, but it can also be just as dramatic! But where did string quartets get their start? Why is a Stradivarius so expensive? Who came up with the four-movement thing? And more importantly, what should I wear to the concert? (And when should I applaud?) Chris Palestrant, Professor of Composition at Elizabeth City State University and a UNC Teacher of the Year, offers a flashy and fun presentation that makes concert going simple again. Great for fans, and perfect for newcomers—bring someone to share this with! Additional Notes: The course fee includes a free ticket to any of the concerts by world-renowned ensembles in the Feldman Chamber Music Society series, which presents a series of six concerts annually in Norfolk, featuring many of the most cerebrated chamber ensembles in the world. This learning session is being generously sponsored by The Feldman Chamber Music Society, www.feldmanchambermusic.org.

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Christopher Palestrant Prof. of Music, Elizabeth City State Universi

Name:138 Feldman Chamber Music Society Presents Chamber Music 101 Price:$ 35 Supply Fee:$ 0 Date:Thursday, Feb 28, 2019 Time:07:00 PM
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